Mesagne I am a proud Italian lover. Its history, the arts, the cuisine and most of all, the overwhelming views will seal the deal on how much my heart is comprised of Italian-made memories. I am also a photographer specializing in lifestyle photography while in the US but when I am in Italy, I snap... Continue Reading →

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Chiesa Madre

Mesagne, Puglia One of the many churches in the town of Mesagne, by night. Chiesa Madre is located in the centro storico¬†of Mesagne and a beauty to behold both during the day in the bright sunshine and at night illuminated and set against the dark sky. It's always been a favorite moment for me upon... Continue Reading →

Muro Tenente

Not too far outside of Mesagne, is the archaeological site of Muro Tenente and dates¬† back to the first millennium BC. The site is open to the public during specific days and hours during the summer months and the kids and I spent a lovely evening walking the grounds with two very knowledgeable guides and... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the details

Lizzano, Puglia A day in the vineyards. A perfect day absorbing the ins and outs of some area vineyards and cantinas. The land, the hardworking people and the wines. So very fortunate to have had that experience. One that all should plan for while in Puglia. You will not be sorry. Immerse yourself in details... Continue Reading →


I spent a glorious day with friends traveling to several Pugliese cantinas and from the beginning to the end of it, it was magnificent. The countryside, the museums, the wines...splendido! Puglia is ripe with vineyards so it is not difficult to come across one cantina after another. Many you are able to visit on set... Continue Reading →

Sunset on the Ionian

Porto Cesareo, Puglia I've never met a sunset I don't like but I have to say that the sun setting over Italy has got to be one of my favorites. The sun setting over the sea, now that's above and beyond favorite. The cotton-candy pinks, the soft orange and the lazy blue and grey blend... Continue Reading →


In Mesagne's centro storico you will encounter this sweet little family on your walk through the cobblestone streets. Perfectly placed in a busy side street, this family sits atop an old wooden pallet and smiles at the passersby. Such a fun, simple way to adorn the street outside your home, shop or restaurant and sure... Continue Reading →

Ostuni – La Citta Bianca

About 5 miles from the Adriatic Sea, lies the hilltop town of Ostuni. A main tourist city to both Italians and foreigners, Ostuni attracts many to its quaint streets, shops nestled into tiny alleys and restaurants and cafes for every taste bud. Famously dubbed La Citta Bianca "the white city," Ostuni boasts beautiful views of... Continue Reading →


Girasole, literally translated to turnsun. Not as poetic as sunflower or nearly as romantic as girasole. Turn towards the sun. But a perfect word nonetheless for the perfect flower in my opinion. A flower most often associated with Italy for their fields upon fields of sunflowers dotting the countryside. Their lively petals shine in the... Continue Reading →

Taking pride in Mesagne

Mesagne, Puglia Mesagne is my favorite place on Earth. Yes, I know. I haven't been everywhere to be able to say that rightfully, but of all the places I've been, it's my favorite. It remains a special place in my heart, always on my mind and a I never grow tired of photographing its beauty.... Continue Reading →

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