Mesagne I am a proud Italian lover. Its history, the arts, the cuisine and most of all, the overwhelming views will seal the deal on how much my heart is comprised of Italian-made memories. I am also a photographer specializing in lifestyle photography while in the US but when I am in Italy, I snap... Continue Reading →

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Dusk in the olive grove

And there she was, standing barefoot in the olive grove as the sun set to her back.  The summer heat from the day gone but the coolness of the night had not settled around her yet. Floating between time and perfectly content.

Shop Local

Pop-up produce stands in Puglia are where you want to go for fresh and local. You can find farmers set up on random street corners or specific designated spots in town selling their produce. A few crates to display, an umbrella for shade and a weight system and they are in business. I've never met... Continue Reading →


Tiny cliffs leading out to the Adriatic Sea mare - the sea Along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea in Puglia, the area is dotted by beautiful beaches. While many of the beaches are your typical sandy beach leading to the waters, some still are characterized instead by rocks. Cliffs jutting out from the sea... Continue Reading →

Fico d’India

Fico d'India or the English version, prickly pear. These plants are very common throughout Puglia and you'll see their fruit sprouting through the summer months. A beautiful plant that can grow forever, sprawls its arms wide and high and thrives in the bristly heat. To me, it kind of tastes like a kiwi fruit. If... Continue Reading →

Italy is always a good idea

Centro Storico di Mesagne, Puglia Travel, Travel, Travel. Even visiting the same place numerous of times, you may see something new, be thrown into a conversation with local Italians, try a new gelato. Anyway, you look at it, you can not go wrong. Experience the day to day when you travel.

To market

A favorite tradition of summers in Puglia, is the weekly outdoor¬†mercato. In Mesagne, the weekly market occurs on Wednesday mornings. Most towns have their own day for market and in the hot Italian summers, the earlier you arrive, the better. And the cooler. We head out early to market and here we will find everything... Continue Reading →

Scenes from an Italian villa

When the rest of the town is still quiet and resting after pranzo (lunch), you can find the older Mesagne men at the villa comunale. The villa is the town park and most towns in Puglia have one. Mesagne's is beautiful with trees, playground equipment for the bambini and in the center of shops, cafes... Continue Reading →

Falling in love with the olive trees

Puglia, Italy The secolari, the ancient olive trees special to Puglia, are to be seen. They are there for our viewing pleasure, to walk through the olive groves and admire their ornate trunks, their branches as they stretch above our bodies and allow their beauty to wrap itself around us. This is the work of... Continue Reading →

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