Mesagne I am a proud Italian lover. Its history, the arts, the cuisine and most of all, the overwhelming views will seal the deal on how much my heart is comprised of Italian-made memories. I am also a photographer specializing in lifestyle photography while in the US but when I am in Italy, I snap... Continue Reading →

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When flowers shine on you

via degli azzolino, Mesagne, Puglia This is really what this street looked like this past summer. It's typically one of my favorite streets in Mesagne's centro storico, but this past summer sent it to the top of my list. The pride in their home makes me so happy.


Summer days in Mesagne are hot. You have some moments of respite while at the beach where winds coming off the sea can cool you momentarily. Drive through the farm roads with your windows down and the breeze will make you forget of the heat for a short while. Arriva la notte. Night arrives. With... Continue Reading →

Lovely Lecce

Lecce is always a good idea. It's worth it to see both during the day and at night as either option will offer you a different angle of how to absorb this city. This metropolitan of a city as it's quite large and there is a lot to take in. But my favorite part of... Continue Reading →


On the coast of the Ionian Sea in Puglia is the gorgeous town of Gallipoli. The historic center of Gallipoli can be found by crossing over a small bridge connecting the centro storico to the rest of the city of Gallipoli. You will have to cross on foot or taxi as driving your own car... Continue Reading →

Sassi di Matera

Sassi di Matera is located in the region of Basilicata, just to the west of Puglia, not a far drive and a pretty one at that too. It is very much well worth the visit if you are ever in this area of Italy, you will not be sorry for making a day trip to... Continue Reading →

Chiesa Madre

Mesagne, Puglia One of the many churches in the town of Mesagne, by night. Chiesa Madre is located in the centro storico¬†of Mesagne and a beauty to behold both during the day in the bright sunshine and at night illuminated and set against the dark sky. It's always been a favorite moment for me upon... Continue Reading →

Muro Tenente

Not too far outside of Mesagne, is the archaeological site of Muro Tenente and dates¬† back to the first millennium BC. The site is open to the public during specific days and hours during the summer months and the kids and I spent a lovely evening walking the grounds with two very knowledgeable guides and... Continue Reading →

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