I am a proud Italian lover. Its history, the arts, the cuisine and most of all, the overwhelming views will seal the deal on how much my heart is comprised of Italian-made memories. I am also a photographer specializing in lifestyle photography while in the US but when I am in Italy, I snap up anything that speaks to me, and that is quite a lot when traveling abroad. I guess you could still call me a lifestyle photographer when I’m in Italy because it’s the everyday moving and shaking that steer me in and cause me to pause to hug in the moment and have it forever captured with a click of my fingertip.

More specifically about Italy is Puglia. The southern region that lies nestled between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The heel of the boot. Crossing into the border of Puglia your eyes gaze out over a horizon of olive groves, farms and coastal towns that make your jaw drop, heart soar and breath momentarily stopped for the sheer beauty of it all. A hidden gem in the vastly popular tiny Southern country in Europe. Most flock to Northern Italy, Tuscany, Rome and why wouldn’t they as they are magnificent in their own ways too. But there is something about Puglia. Appropriately planned, your visit will clutch your heart, tug at your hands and beckon you back for more.




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