Polignano a Mare

Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, central in the region of Puglia and located in the Province of Bari, is the breathtakingly beautiful town of Polignano a Mare. You'll make your way through the tiny streets leading through town to the rocky cliffs Polignano is famous for and your heart just might skip a... Continue Reading →

Perfect corner market

Centro Storico, Mesagne Most towns in Puglia have your typical grocery store. Some are large, sell a bit of everything while others are smaller but still carry your basic household and pantry necessities. I have always preferred being a customer at the smaller stores, usually family run. If you're in luck and it's a market... Continue Reading →

Cozze Nere

I can quite honestly just taste them like I had them yesterday. Mussels are one of my most favorite all time Pugliese dishes. Gathered just kilometers from the house, fresh as fresh can be and plenty of ways to enjoy them. One way to enjoy them is raw (I can say that I've never tried... Continue Reading →

San Cosimo alla Macchia

Just on the outskirts of the town of Oria, lies the sanctuary of Saints Cosmas and Damian, San Cosimo e Damiano.  The sanctuary is dedicated to the twin brothers, both physicians, that refused payment for their services and later persecuted for their faith. The large and simple space erected in their honor is known to... Continue Reading →


Something unique to European countries are their forms of a mailbox. Naturally, some of my favorites to photograph come from Puglia and I've gotten quite the collection over the years photographing these unique staples to the casa.  Some are simple and slim wall slots while others are more ornate antique fixtures to the front of... Continue Reading →

Please and Thank you

The summer months in Puglia allow us to indulge in many fresh and locally raised produce. While I have many favorites, one that is sure to top my list are figs. Whether they are green or black (purple-ish actually) soft and ripe or still slightly firm, I will gladly accept a fig as part of... Continue Reading →


I'm going to be completely honest. One of my favorite things about visiting Puglia is the fresh fruit quite literally at your fingertips. Puglia is blessed by the abundance of rich soil that produces some of the finest produce. Apricots, watermelon, peaches, cucumbers, figs and plums are just a few of the daily fresh produce... Continue Reading →

Sunset on the Ionian Sea

Porto Cesareo Is there anything better than witnessing the perfect falling of the brilliant sun over the waters of the sea? The blue of the sky hugged by the rays of the setting sun make the most gorgeous hues. The sun's rays kissing at the gently lapping waves of the Ionian Sea is the cherry... Continue Reading →

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