San Cosimo

On a short drive outside of the medieval town of Oria sits the sanctuary of Ss Cosma and Damian. We make this stop on our trip each time as they were the patron saints of my Nonna. Years ago the sanctuary was home to a small zoo that as children we loved to visit on... Continue Reading →


Italian Street Scene

Mesagne, Puglia I can't quite narrow down what my favorite thing to photograph while in Italy. I love the farms, the beaches, the tiny little streets in the old part of town, the food and the people. Especially the elderly. Often I will try to start up a conversation in which the majority of the... Continue Reading →

Orecchiette love

A very typical Pugliese pasta is orecchiette. Translated to "little ear" for its size and shape, this pasta is not only very simple to make on your own but can be combined with numerous sauces for a very delicious meal. My kids enjoy our annual trip to Puglia because they love helping out when we... Continue Reading →

For the love of the olive grove

Olive grove outside Oria, Puglia Driving throughout Puglia you are destined to come across more than a few hundred olive groves. Give or take. Consider yourself blessed. The richness of the land in this southern region allows these trees to grow strong, ornate and for years upon years. Much like snowflakes, you do not come... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it’s ok to talk to strangers

Via degli Azzolino, Mesagne, Italy This particular via (street) in the heart of Mesagne's centro storico has been photographed by numerous individuals numerous times. I follow several on Instagram from the town and I love how many different ways this scene is captured. I myself have taken this picture several times over the years and... Continue Reading →

Santa Maria al Bagno

I am back and with many, many pictures to share from my Italian summer, many of which are from Puglia! So much fun was had, so many cities visited, street scenes appreciated and quite a few gelatos consumed too! When in Rome! A new city to us that we visited was Santa Maria al Bagno,... Continue Reading →

Palms in Puglia

A favorite little detail I enjoy sharing with those who haven't visited Puglia before is that there are palm trees throughout the lovely region. It always comes as a shock to people as they don't picture Italy to be a Caribbean Island so why the palms? It's climate does take on one of an island... Continue Reading →

Planning a trip to Puglia?

I had one of the most exciting experiences just recently! Friends of the family will be traveling to Italy next Spring and as we were discussing all the possibilities of their trip, I was asked to sit down with them to help with the travel itinerary. They will be visiting Sorrento (Positano and Amalfi locations)... Continue Reading →

Polignano a Mare

Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, central in the region of Puglia and located in the Province of Bari, is the breathtakingly beautiful town of Polignano a Mare. You'll make your way through the tiny streets leading through town to the rocky cliffs Polignano is famous for and your heart just might skip a... Continue Reading →

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