Mangia Puglia!

I would be leaving out a huge part of what makes Puglia so special to me if I didn't mention the food. The summer foods of Puglia are in my top 10 reasons to visit, perhaps even top 5. With an abundance of farms and two coasts to choose from, Puglia is positively overwhelming in... Continue Reading →


Roca Vecchia

Perfection on the Adriatic Sea. Roca Vecchia was a fantastic morning trip from Mesagne. We parked near the water and walked on the outskirts of the cliffs leading into the sea. My children were mesmerized, as was I. Blue water, blue skies and a gentle breeze flowing from the sea. It doesn't get any more... Continue Reading →

An evening in Ceglie

A short drive from the Adriatic Coast will place you in central Puglia and in the town of Ceglie Messapica. Like most towns in Puglia, Ceglie Messapica has an older center of town, the centro storico and where we spent an evening last summer. We walked up and down the tiny side streets of the town... Continue Reading →

Casalabate, Puglia

Last summer we made a bucket list of things we would like to do during our stay in Puglia. One of the items on our list was to visit a new-to-us beach, well a new-to-my-children beach anyway. We looked at a map and decided on one not terribly far from Mesagne and with a fun... Continue Reading →


Many words in the Italian dictionary contain the letter "g" - some of my favorite are sogno, meravigliosa and voglio. And, of course, Mesagne and Puglia. In all of these words the letter "g" is not pronounced, it remains silent. It adds a little something to the written word, but spoken it stands aside and allows... Continue Reading →

From Oria with amore

Not too far from Mesagne is the medieval town of Oria. Situated on a small hill, you can see the castle of Oria as you drive into the outskirts of the city. The centro storico is like most in Puglia, magnificent. Something around every corner to capture with your mind and heart. Beautifully landscaped walls,... Continue Reading →

Gallipoli with a view

On our day trip to Gallipoli last summer, the kids and I enjoyed an exquisite meal at Il Pettolino with a view that took our breath away. We opted to sit outside even with the hot temperatures, we barely noticed it with the light breeze coming from the sea and sitting in the shade of... Continue Reading →

The tiny alleys of Gallipoli

Gallipoli is a gorgeous coastal town located on the Ionian Sea. The tiny streets of Gallipoli's centro storico weave this way and that and could make one dizzy. Dizzy with pleasure. I enjoy visiting when I can because there is always something new to witness. A new alley you might have missed on your last visit,... Continue Reading →

old and new

Mesagne, Puglia There are many things to admire about the buildings in Puglia. In particular for me are the older buildings. Some of these buildings are no longer in use and abandoned while others are still teeming with life. The buildings in Mesagne's centro storico really speak to me because I love thinking about the history... Continue Reading →

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