From Oria with amore


Not too far from Mesagne is the medieval town of Oria. Situated on a small hill, you can see the castle of Oria as you drive into the outskirts of the city. The centro storico is like most in Puglia, magnificent. Something around every corner to capture with your mind and heart.


Beautifully landscaped walls, yes walls, line the tiny streets of the historic section of this city. The vines adorn the balconies and cascade down to the streets. Natural beauty at its best.


There are many sweet little intricacies to the homes in the historic section of Oria. Tiny little windows peek out into courtyards, balconies overflowing with nature and colors, colors, colors. The colors get me every time from the shutters, balconies, flowers and tiny, sleeping kittens. See if you spot the dozing feline in the photo below. The cool stone steps must feel like heaven in the unforgiving summer evening heat.


The castle of Oria is splendid. I haven’t been inside its gates since I was a child and each time I’ve visited in the summers, it’s been closed to the public. I need to be better about making certain I make a visit possible. But it’s perfectly pretty to gaze at from behind the fortress gates as well.


Little gems I find on the side streets are well worth the visit to this sweet medieval town.




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