For the love of the olive grove


Olive grove outside Oria, Puglia

Driving throughout Puglia you are destined to come across more than a few hundred olive groves. Give or take. Consider yourself blessed. The richness of the land in this southern region allows these trees to grow strong, ornate and for years upon years. Much like snowflakes, you do not come across two identical olive trees.

Take a drive through the town of Serranova in the province of Brindisi and you will view upon olive groves that consist of trees over hundreds of years old. Each has a trunk unique, complicated in form and beautiful to behold. You are welcome to walk through most olive groves provided there are not signs posted about trespassing. Feel the texture of the tree, witness how the sunlight flickers through the leaves and depending on what season you visit, observe the olives forming among the branches.

Always a special image for me upon entering Puglia, the olive trees are a symbol of the history of this beautiful land.


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