Palms in Puglia

A favorite little detail I enjoy sharing with those who haven't visited Puglia before is that there are palm trees throughout the lovely region. It always comes as a shock to people as they don't picture Italy to be a Caribbean Island so why the palms? It's climate does take on one of an island... Continue Reading →


Planning a trip to Puglia?

I had one of the most exciting experiences just recently! Friends of the family will be traveling to Italy next Spring and as we were discussing all the possibilities of their trip, I was asked to sit down with them to help with the travel itinerary. They will be visiting Sorrento (Positano and Amalfi locations)... Continue Reading →

Polignano a Mare

Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, central in the region of Puglia and located in the Province of Bari, is the breathtakingly beautiful town of Polignano a Mare. You'll make your way through the tiny streets leading through town to the rocky cliffs Polignano is famous for and your heart just might skip a... Continue Reading →

Perfect corner market

Centro Storico, Mesagne Most towns in Puglia have your typical grocery store. Some are large, sell a bit of everything while others are smaller but still carry your basic household and pantry necessities. I have always preferred being a customer at the smaller stores, usually family run. If you're in luck and it's a market... Continue Reading →

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